Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A prisoner of your love.

Just another random thought, sitting in the silence of my disturbed thoughts, I refused to think about it. I closed my eyes, tried to shut it tight. Carried everywhere by the wind it seemed so real and so true. Gazing deeply into the pool of water, I see my face staring back in amazement and in wonder at the emotions that I am overcome with. Drawing me closer and closer, stirred by the depth of passion, torn between the life that is and the life that will be. I struggle; trying to find a solution. I try to claw my way out, I try to fight the feelings and all the emotions I have been overcome with. Sitting in the dark thinking of you wishing you were here, realizing I am a prisoner of love, a prisoner of your love.

I hear nothing except the words you said. I pick the phone to call you right away then I realize I dont have your number! Can’t believe I would fall again. Can’t believe it would come to this. Can’t believe my dreams would be filled by your thoughts and I end up waking up wanting to see you everyday. It’s a shame the weekend is two full days, two full days of living like a fish out of water like a full moon on a black night sky even in darkness your face is what I see. I don’t care who you are! I don’t care what you did, I don’t care about anything else except the present. We may not see each other. Distance separates us, that’s true. But in my heart a special place remains open just for you. With thoughts of you tattooed in my mind, with my words screaming your name, rescure me darling, do I have to say the words?

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